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LXP spiral type debris removal unit

LXP spiral type debris removal unit is of compact structure design and needs less floorage for installation and operates conveniently, less rotating parts and less troubles . This unit is suitable for tight installation space which are not suitable for other types of debris removal units . It works very well in terms of the transmission of metal debris .non-metal debris block-like debris or fine debris .
The drive devices is installed at the debris collecting end of the machine. the discharge is away from the electric motor . Cone-shape hose is provided to lift up the debris for transmission . Debris can be separated from the cooling liquid by way of the reflux hole on the case . This unit functions for multiple applications.
It is not appropriate for conveying curly debris . otherwise twine could occur .

Overall Dimensions Drawing of LXP spiral type debris removal unit

Technical parameters  


Note : Motor power can be determined by diameter A of the blade and the horizontal length L.
X represents the special parameters set forth according to the client requirements . Dimensions of this type debris removal unit can be determined according to the client requirements.

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