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chip conveyor

chip conveyor

Due to specially designed structure , each of the scraping plate of TGP type lifting serics scraping plate debris removal unit can working independently . Debris thus produced can be transmitted along the baseplate of the machine . Debris will leave the scraping plate when reaching the debris collecting area . TGP type lifting scraping plate debris removal units are divided into three ca categories (ⅠⅡ and ) according to their structural dimensions . Category I is of nice looking and compactin structure , which is suitable for the small-sized machine . Categories and are of stronger a more reliable structures which are suitable for the large-and medium -sized machines and for long-distance transmission of the Production line .
TGP type lifting scraping plate debrisremoval unit offers wide selection of transmission speed and working range and is of high working efficiency and has variable debris removal width . It can provide ?you sufficient selection for use . The heigh and distribution distance can be designed according to each specific machine .
Scraping plate type debris removal unit is mainly used in the transmission of fine debris or powder debris . Because of no limitation to the structural material . it is widely used in different applications .


Overall Dimensions Drawing of TGP Lifting scraping plate type debris removal unit

Technical parameters

Water Tank Technical Parameters


Length of Water tank

Width of Water tank

Height of Water tank

Flowrate of cooling pump










( 1 ) Motor power can be determined by the effective width of debris removal B2
Levelness L1 , and lifting height H.
( 2 ) If the pitch of the chain plate is different , the height of different cases H1 . Shall be different as well.
Pitch 31.75mm Min height of the case H 1, 100mm ;
Pitch 38.1mm Min height of the case H 1, 135mm ;
Pitch 50.8mm Min height of the case H 1, 180mm ;
Pitch 63.5mm Min height of the case H 1, 230mm ;
Pitch101.6mm Min height of the case H 1, 260mm ;
( 3 ) The overall dimensions of the water tank can be made in different appearances acccording to the client requirement.
( 4 ) It can be designed and fabricated according to the client requirements



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